Stanley shares new single “Twisted” from his latest album, Resurrection

Stanley battles with ego vs love in his new single, “Twisted”

Winnipeg-based pop/R&B artist, Stanley has unveiled his new single, “Twisted” from his latest album, Resurrection. The LP aims to be a retelling of loss throughout the pandemic, with “Twisted” a pivotal chapter in that story.

Fantastically produced, “Twisted” is reminiscent of Weeknd’s summer releases, bringing forth images of summer flings ending too soon, and the high energy behind this mix paired with Stanley’s R&B style vocals really sells this track. It’s this façade of feel-good loving that acts as the cherry on top.

“’Twisted’ tells a story about how, in the midst of all I was going through, I had a girl that loved me regardless — but I never wanted her the same way she wanted me,” Stanley shares.

The song’s production features punchy synth grooves coupled with well-timed guitar samples that make a guest appearance in the chorus. While these layers of production seem innocent at face value, each instrument throughout the mix plays a role in the mindset that comes with feeling all-worthy of a loved one’s embrace.

“She did all she could do to let me know she cared for me, but I never saw the value in her,” Stanley reflects. “She decided to move on and I instantly regretted losing her; it made me see what I was missing. 

“This destroyed my ego,” he continues, before adding “for the better… My ego always told me she should never get it ‘Twisted’; that she will always love me.”

Listen to “Twisted” below, and find out more about Stanley via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Thanks for the opportunity, I am Stanley, an artist from Winnipeg Manitoba. I mostly focus on pop, r&b, and afro music. I am originally from Nigeria and I moved to Canada for post-secondary education. Music has always been my love since I was a kid that is how I got here.

What do you remember best about growing up in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a very culturally diverse country, the most populated black country globally. Growing up in Nigeria, the experience I had was so different because I moved around frequently. The memory I cannot forget was when I sang for my church. It was very validating.

What do you love about living in Winnipeg?

Most people think Winnipeg is like a lost cold city. Okay yes, it’s cold but the weather never stops noting for the people of Winnipeg. Also is a lot more affordable to live in. And education is also more affordable compared to the bigger cities like Toronto or Vancouver. This gives me more money to invest in my music.

Who was the first music artist to knock you sideways?

The first music artist that knocked me sideways was Michael Jackson. I was a kid when I first saw a video for Michael Jackson’s performance and I was like “ I want to be like him”. That was the start of my love for music and dance.

You get to see one Canadian artist, anytime, anyplace, in concert – who would it be and why?

I know the question was if I have to see one Canadian artist, but I will say two that have been an inspiration to me. Justin Bieber and Drake. Justin for his r&b pop sound and drake for his rap and pop sound.

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