Dennis Ellsworth teams up with Rose Cousins on “Come Back To Me”

Dennis Ellsworth debuts ‘lost love’ duet with Rose Cousins

Charlottetown, PEI-based artist, Dennis Ellsworth has unveiled his new single, “Come Back To Me”, which features fellow East Coast artist, Rose Cousins.

“This ‘lost love’ song was written in Toronto, by Ari Rhodes, Liam Titcomb, and me,” said Dennis Ellsworth. “The demo sat in a folder for about 6 years, but I knew there was something special to it. Every few months I would check back in on it, and its charm never really faded. In January 2022, I reached out to Adam Gallant at The Hill Sound in Charlottetown and asked him if he’d be interested in recreating this track with me, hoping we could turn it into a single.”

Given the state of COVID-19 in Prince Edward Island at that time, Ellsworth and Gallant traded live sessions for file sharing sessions, exchanging individual tracks over email. As restrictions eased over time, the pair were able to meet up and record vocals as well as some additional guitar and piano.

“We had a great track, but it needed the finishing touch,” said Ellsworth. “I reached out to my friend Rose Cousins, in Halifax at the time, to see if she’d be interested in singing on it with me. She said, ‘send me the track, and I’ll let you know.’ A few days later, I got some truly magical vocal parts back. We mixed the track in a day and here we are.” 

“I had never really done any long distance recording, aside from some odd demos here and there,” said Ellsworth. “This was a whole new experience for me. It really turned out beautifully and I owe it all to those involved.”

Listen to “Come Back to Me” below, and stay up to date with Dennis Ellsworth via his socials.

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