Sheenah Ko shares video for her latest single, “Give It All”

Sheenah Ko drops exhilarating sophomore album, Future Is Now + a music video for “Give It All”

Montreal, QC-based synth-pop artist Sheenah Ko has just released her full-length sophomore album, Future Is Now, which takes a contemplative and expansive view of how we navigate the world we live in.

Having gained a reputation of being a fearless musical warrior who marches to the beat of her own drum, the singer-songwriter, who also serves as a core member of Canadian indie darlings Besnard Lakes, hopes the record’s nine songs will encourage listeners to broaden their horizons, break the cycle, effect change, and live life to the fullest.

The album is accompanied by a music video for “Give It All,” the third single and feature track from Future Is Now.

Shot in her home region of Saguenay, Quebec, Sheenah says the music video for the track represents a somewhat dystopian vision of the future centered on facets of modern life including technology, industry, and pollution.

“When I listen to this song, I immediately picture a futuristic motorbike flying down a highway whizzing down dark streets full of industry, machines, and factories. Seeing these modern, human-made creations that clash so drastically with our natural environment is what made Saguenay the perfect location to shoot the video as you’ve got the breathtaking, natural aesthetics of the region contrasted with these tremendously huge, pollutant factories,” she says.

Watch the video for “Give It All” below, and stay connected with Sheenah Ko via her socials.

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