PREMIERE – Jitensha releases new single, “Psychotic (What Are Friends For)”

Jitensha shares a new melodic track, “Psychotic (What Are Friends For)”

The indie-pop duo, Jitensha poses this question, “Imagine you’re at a party or social gathering where you know absolutely no one. Who would you choose to be?  What face would you put forward?” That’s what this new track is all about.

“The song is about social micro-observations; constantly questioning and trying to control how one is being perceived,” says Jitensha.

“Psychotic (What Are Friends For)” has an upbeat mellow vibe to it. Rosey takes lead vocals over a relaxed rock beat as David layers in steady bass lines and nostalgic guitar chords. And the cherry on top? A catchy, shiny synth lead.

The lyrics come off like the inner workings of someone’s mind owning up to past behaviours. It’s a song that you will have you learning the lyrics quickly and sympathizing with it because every human has done this once or twice.

“I know sometimes I’m trying to control situations based on my expectations. It seems sometimes like the harder you grip the wheel the more likely you are to have an accident,” says Rosey. “I’m trying to own up for the chaos it feels like I create when I act like a lone wolf and get in my own way.”

If you like what you hear, you will be happy to know that Jitensha will be releasing a full-length album, Closing Statements sometime in 2023, so stay tuned for that.

Watch the video for “Psychotic (What Are Friends For)” below, and stay up to date with Jitensha via their socials.

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