Peter Peter unveils “Commun maintenant”

Peter Peter presents the debut single, “Commun maintenant” from his upcoming EP of acoustic covers of his repertoire

Quebec’s own singer-songwriter, Peter Peter has decided to release a new EP, Session Live H2T on June 3, 2022. It features six songs from his repertoire that he gives a second life in an acoustic version. The debut single is “Commun maintenant“, a song released in 2020 on his latest album Super Comédie.

The result, of a striking intimacy, gives the impression that Peter Peter, led by his guitar, is in our living room to whisper, softly, his melodies.

“I chose the songs based on several criteria. The first one being the pleasure I have to play them. For me it was a priority,” explains Peter Peter who recorded Session Live H2T at the Hotel 2 Tango studio on Van Horne Avenue in Montreal, where he had worked for his first record in 2011. “It’s a studio with a strong personality. It’s very easy to get into the mood in such a unique place,” he recalls.

To accompany his new EP, Peter Peter will also unveil footage filmed in sequence-shot, which Dominic Vanchesteing directed, revealing the vulnerability of each track.

“I chose the sequence shot because I wanted to avoid all the traps, even clichés, of multicamera live performances, which end up more or less in a succession of the best shots without surprise. A live show without tension is not a live show. I didn’t want to fake it”, says the singer-songwriter.

A few days after the release of Session Live H2T, on June 15, Peter Peter will also take the stage at the Francos de Montréal. This will give him the opportunity to present the songs from Super Comédie for the first time in Quebec.

Watch the video for “Commun maintenant” below, and stay up to date with Peter Peter via his socials.

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