Durham County Poets unveil music video for new single, “Back at the Groove Shack”

Durham County Poets are “Back at the Groove Shack”  with their brand new single

There’s no stopping anyone with the right attitude and some ambition and, for Canadian powerhouse blues band Durham County Poets, the drive to get “Back at the Groove Shack” after our pandemic pause is creatively evident with this, their soulful new single and album, Out of the Woods.

While we all hunkered down for the long haul of COVID, DCP lead vocalist and songwriter Kevin Harvey knew that the time was right to get working on new music that could have the power to uplift and inspire just when we all perhaps need it the most.

“The idea was for it to be a positive, uplifting experience for all involved — creators and listeners,” notes Harvey.

The result of this experience? Their fifth album, Out of the Woods, produced by Bill Garrett; the smooth, funky, and smile-worthy title track is the lead single that introduces the new collection in both style and substance.

Durham County Poets has a lot to live up to and surpass after scoring a 2020 JUNO nomination for Best Blues Album of the Year for their fourth record, Hand Me Down Blues, and watching it stay on Roots Music Report’s Top 50 chart in Canada for more than 12 months. The album also received two Maple Blues Awards nominations and a Canadian Folk Music Awards nomination for Kevin Harvey.

While Harvey is the voice out front, Durham County Poets are a “band in the truest sense of the word,” they share.

“Every member writes and arranges and brings something unique to the table,” says Harvey. “You’ll hear a variety of genres and a broad range of styles.”

Those DCP members are David Whyte on guitar and backing vocals, Neil Elsmore on guitar and backing vocals, Carl Rufh on bass and backing vocals, and Rob Couture on drums.

“The guys in the band wrote songs that bolster that positive uplifting vibe, it’s peppered all over the album,” he continues. “Even when the content is somewhat sobering and can be a tad weighty, the end result is relevance and beauty, and a bit of humour never hurt nobody either.”

Watch the video for “Back at the Groove Shack” below, and find out more about Durham County Poets via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Greetings. Kevin Harvey from the Durham County Poets here. I am an Anglophone Quebecer living the dream.

You get to have a party at your own personal “Groove Shack.” What’s the first record you’re going to play as a DJ?

I think the first album I would put on would be the Dire Straits’ first album.

What do you love about now living in Ormstown, QC?

For sure without a doubt, it’s the sense of community. Lots of neighbours helping neighbours. For a small rural Quebec town, it has a decent cultural scene too.

It’s close to the Ontario and US borders. So I find it quite central in that sense -when it comes to touring with the band.

Who was the first music artist to knock you sideways?

I almost feel like saying it depends on what day of the week it is. I thought about it many times, and my answer seems to change. If I go back to the early records that my parents had and my older siblings. It would be Tom Jones and Elvis Presley records like that. But I remember that first 45 record I bought myself. Blood Sweat n Tears. Spinning wheel… So I guess that would be it.

You get to see one Canadian artist, anytime, anyplace, in concert – who would it be and why?

I think I’d have to say Neil Young. I just appreciate pretty much everything he’s ever done. Even his sideways project with the Shocking Pinks. I love the music video that came out at that time. Called,” Wonderin”. Lol.

That would be it for sure. I hope Neil’s listening and or reading this, maybe he can use an opening band like the Durham County Poets…

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