Heather releases new single, “Sucker Punch”

Heather unveils unadulterated Rock ‘N’ Roller, “Sucker Punch”

Charlottetown, PEI-based five-piece rock band, Heather has shared a pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll ode to bad girls everywhere, “Sucker Punch.”

The band comprises Evan Martin on lead vocals, Colin Crowther, and Jarred Kenny on guitar, Cameron Menzies on bass, and Peter Doucette on drums. With influences such as Big Wreck, The Trews, and The Strokes, Heather walks the edge of tube breakup with groove-driven riffs and fearless vocals.

“Sucker Punch” has that sexy-dirty bar rock sound with driving, pummeling beats, wailing guitars, and a sultry loud-quiet element where everything stops completely so that lead singer Evan Martin can whisper throatily: ‘I thought that I was dreamin’ ’til my skin was pinched.’

The song takes the listener on that fateful walk through the doors of the nightclub or bar where you first see her after you’ve been sleeping all day, and “is about the overwhelming and complete infatuation with someone you’ve just met who most likely has no interest in you,” bassist Cameron Menzies shares of the track.

I got up
Unwitting of the night we’d have
You hit me like a sucker punch
And with a toothless grin (I lined up)
I lined up for a leather jacket mama
Gonna drive me wild

Soon, we learn just how desirable this woman, armed with onyx eyes, really is… ‘I would sell my soul, just to get close to you.’

“To me, ‘Sucker Punch’ is a song that keeps you on the edge of your seat…” Colin Crowther, one of the band’s guitarists, says. “I was super happy with how the guitar tracks turned out. The two guitar parts are complementary and darkly intermingled.”

It’s also the kind of song that’s so hot you might just need a breath of fresh air.

“’Sucker Punch’ is that sudden shock you get when she enters the room,” drummer Peter Doucette adds. “It’s like a cold plunge on an August afternoon.”

Check out “Sucker Punch” below, and find out more about Heather via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! We are Evan, Colin, Jarred, Peter, and Cameron, and we comprise Prince Edward Island’s latest rock outfit, Heather. We are a 5-piece rock band from Charlottetown, PE that started playing and writing music just before the COVID-19 lockdowns hit in 2019; over that period of time, we’ve written a handful of original alternative and indie rock songs and have performed them at various venues across the province. Our influences include artists/bands such as Audioslave, The Strokes, and Big Wreck

Colin Crowther, Guitarist: We are hot off the release of our debut single “Sucker Punch”, in which we had the great pleasure of working with acclaimed Canadian producer Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Barenaked Ladies, Mother Mother). Working with Gavin on our first single release was a surreal experience to say the least, especially since albums like Billy Talent I & II and Three Days Grace’s self-titled album (to name only a few) were the soundtrack to some of our teenage years. With Gavin’s help, we took out our paring knives to craft it into the slinky and sexy rock tune that it is today.

What do you love about living in Charlottetown?

Peter Doucette, Drummer – One thing I love about Charlottetown is how close you are to live music at any time, with so many music venues being so near to one another. The music community is so tight-knit, and the city has a history of supporting great artists of many different genres.

Another thing I love is the small-town vibes; you get a friendly atmosphere, yet you still have an abundance of food options, and a plethora of fine local breweries.

Who was the first music artist to knock you sideways?

Cameron Menzies, Bassist – In 2016, I moved to Truro, Nova Scotia from Ontario. That November, Nova Scotia Music Week was being held in Truro and all of a sudden what had seemed like a boring town experiencing a serious dearth of live music was suddenly inundated with incredible musical acts from across the Province. Bands packed into every establishment in town with a stage big enough to fit them and I was lucky enough to live down the street from The Legion where Joel Plaskett was playing.

The locals, of course, had likely seen Joel a dozen times by then but it was my friend visiting from Ontario and my first experience seeing Joel live – a real treat having us both grown up with his music three Provinces away. Everyone in the audience belted out every lyric and you could tell Joel enjoyed playing the venue too, chuckling about having never played there before and praising the surprising sound quality of the hall and the lonely disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

The Halifax opener band The Brood, produced by Plaskett, also blew my socks off! At that moment my choice to move to The Maritimes felt validated and I pictured myself soon feeling at home at this end of the country.

Tell me about the last time you got ignored by someone you loved?

Evan Martin, Vocalist – A while ago, I was getting dressed for a night out. With grub, libations, and ROCK N ROLL ahead, I picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and my favorite sweater. This was a real moment of vulnerability for me, as my girlfriend had never bore witness to my beloved thoracic covering. I donned the thrifted, knitted sweater, which flaunted a truly mesmerizing pattern.

My girlfriend sat in the kitchen, waiting – surely with bated breath. Quite proud of my drip, I heroically lunged into full view. Striking a dramatic pose. I awaited uproarious applause. To my dismay, she was overtaken by a fit of diaphragmatic laughter! I pleaded for an explanation, but it was no use. Dejected, I was denied an explanation, and my pleas were utterly and ultimately ignored. My love for her was unwavering, though, my sensibilities forever lost to the expanse. I resorted to wearing my favorite blouse.”

You get to see one Canadian artist, anytime, anyplace, in concert – who would it be and why

Colin Crowther, Guitarist – Oh man, this is a tough one, there’s way too many to choose from. If I had to choose an actively touring Canadian act, on behalf of the band, it would probably have to be Big Wreck. There’s a lot to love about Big Wreck and they’re definitely a group that we as a band draw inspiration from. Ian Thornley’s vocals are otherworldly and he has the guitar chops to match.

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