Sara-Danielle unveils a video for her new single, “Draw Me”

Sara-Danielle reveals the music video for “Draw Me” from her EP, Another Self

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Sara-Danielle recently revealed her latest single and video, “Draw Me” from her newly released EP, Another Self. Sara-Danielle describes her music as ginger soul” – a happy marriage between synth-pop, soul, and R&B.

Speaking on the track Sara-Danielle says,

Sometimes I wish I could be someone else, so I imagine that a person could just recreate me as easily as they can draw. As if my life would be better if pictured in their mind. It touches on the concept of identity: can we change who we are from the core or not? And are we the product of something or someone else, or can we make ourselves the ones we want to be?”

Watch the video for “Draw Me” below, and stay up to date Sara-Danielle via her socials.

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