Jann Arden in Toronto, ON – Show Review

Jann Arden

Jann Arden
May 24, 2022
Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

Grand introductions to the newly revamped space of Massey Hall, with soaring vocals from Jann Arden, and dancing lighting plots provided by Christie Lites.

The City of Toronto is home to some beautiful music venues, and Massey Hall is no exception. Three years in the making, 1933’s Massey Hall underwent renovations. Well known for its superb acoustics, there were careful considerations for the new layout. Preserving the 30’s art deco décor and fresh coats of paint, the chairs are reupholstered and spaced further apart and slide underneath the stage for general admission rowdier artists. Installing two new elevators inside to help accommodate accessibility to the mezzanine levels broadens the audience. One hundred stained glass windows were removed and repaired off-site.

Building 60-foot scaffolding allows artists to repair and preserve the iconic arches, so there is no more chicken wire to prevent the plaster from falling. There’s now space for recording studios, creative labs, rehearsal areas, and content capture suites for TV and the web. Maintaining their no bad seat in the house reputation and removing the beams on the floor house level make an inclusive, more intimate experience.

Christie Lites has a mission to be the highest value provider of stage lighting services and technical expertise in the global marketplace. Bringing me back to my Technical Theatre days, setting up and tearing down lighting and staging equipment, it’s easy to see the magic you can create. During Jann Arden’s performance, these lights showcased textures, lighting balance, gobo’s in swirling shapes, and vibrant colour pallets were telling Jann’s musical journey.

Award-winning Canadian artist Jann Arden graced the stage at Massey Hall and captured the hearts of old and new fans. A recent inductee into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, she was also inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, has a Star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, and has seven JUNO Awards, and is the recipient of the Order of Canada.

Jann’s quick wit, and deep belly laughing jokes, were in complete contrast to her far-reaching vocals and soothing harmonies with fellow band mates. Jann gave us advice on many topics, including Love, Family, Marriage, and even how to cope with a pandemic. Diet Coke and a LARGE bag of Hickory sticks will cure your Covid blues.

Reminiscing about living under June’s roof in a basement apartment, bonding with the neighbourhood cats, and later titling an album called Living Under June, is where Jann’s life and music collide in inspiration.

Leave it to Jann to remind us and teach us how to be grateful for all life has to throw at you and leave us with an ethereal experience.

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