Fool’s Union shares video for new single, “Raven Lake”

Fool’s Union are back with a brand new video for their single, “Raven Lake”

Hamilton, ON-based rockers, Fool’s Union consists of Adam Cannon (Drums, Vocals), Nick Cino (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Jon Daly (Lead Guitar), and Dave Marini (Bass).

The band was all set to start recording their new album, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but not even pandemics can stop the rock. Like everyone else, Fool’s Union persevered and got shit done. They recorded in between lockdowns and set up individual home studios to keep the creative juices flowing. It took a lot longer than expected but many months later, the band emerged from their darkened studios with a fresh batch of sparkly new songs.

Prior to the pandemic, writing sessions took place at the rock radio station where Nick hosted a nightly broadcast. Dave and Jon would come by the studio to write new tunes in between Nick’s on air bits. Blasting through the studio speakers were some of the best radio hits ever produced, and it reminded the boys that they had to try and live up to the greats. Ever in search of catchy radio-friendly hooks, it made sense that Fool’s Union would try to write the hits of tomorrow in a radio studio.

The new songs follow on the heels of the band’s debut Fool’s Union EP which collected five singles the band released from 2017 to 2020.

The new material builds on their high-energy, melodic riff rock while swinging between their heavier and lighter sides. There are riffs aplenty with healthy musical diversions into roots rock and even Spanish and Indian styles. Lyrical themes explored include keeping up with the demands of modern society, toxic relationships, escape, and exploration.

The band’s new single “Raven Lake” is another dynamic song with sharp writing and stellar performances. Drums for the track were recorded at RHC Music in Toronto by Ross Citrullo, the rest was recorded and produced by the band, and the song was mixed by the legendary Gavin Brown.

“Raven Lake” is a contemplative but still high-energy tune that features a driving drum beat from Adam Cannon, pulsing bass from Dave Marini, a killer solo by Jon Daly, and an emotional vocal from Nick Cino.

Nick had this to say about the song,

“Raven Lake was written at the real Raven Lake near Dorset in northern Ontario. I had rented a cottage that was the end of a long drive through a dense forest, but led to an oasis on the lake. It’s about how we all desire to escape somewhere that is remote and quiet, away from the all the noise and pressures of everyday life. We go to these places not only for rest and relaxation, but also for reflection and, if we can find it, redemption”

Watch the video for “Raven Lake” below, and stay up to date with Fool’s Union via their socials.

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