Mathew V shares on his new single, “Sick”

After receiving a Juno nomination for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year for his EP, The Outer Circle, Mathew V returns with a new single

A vocalist with an opera background turned pop singer-songwriter turned…who knows what’s next!? That’s Juno-nominated Mathew V. in a nutshell.

Read on to find out how he made the transition to pop music, who he dreams of working with (on any scale), and so much more.

Not many mainstream artists can say they started with classical operatic vocal training…but you can! How was it transitioning from that focus to the softer vocal style?

It was a lot of work to detrain the aspects of my voice that were built from classical training, but it was a wonderful challenge. I grew up as such a pop music fan and throughout the process of making my own music, I’ve been able to take what I need from my training, and put what I don’t need on the shelf (for now).

How did it feel to receive your first JUNO nomination for your 2021 EP “The Outer Circle”? Any other honours or awards you’d love to be considered for?

Being nominated for a JUNO was a bucket-list item for my career. To have it checked off at such an early stage is so cool for me. I’m trying to soak in every moment of the experience and not think about what’s next from here just yet. That’s for next week!

Your newest single, “Sick”, mixes your sound up even more with a fantastic upbeat summer vibe. Was this done intentionally or just a natural progression in the creation process?

I’m someone who likes to wear many different hats. It’s exciting to wake up every day and challenge myself to do something new. I’m not someone who likes doing the same thing twice. I think this song is such a fun summer track and it’s something that I want to listen to on repeat, which is the most important factor in making music for me personally.

Having had the chance to work with, may it be a collab or opening for Jocelyn Alive, Dan Magnan, Berry Who, Hanson, and Magic (to name a few), who are other artists/acts you’d love to connect with?

I’m going to dream very, very big here…but Celine Dion and Shania Twain are the two most formative artists in my life. They shaped the way that I listen to music and any interaction would be such a moment for me.

What are your plans over the next few months?

I’m recording a record this summer that is a big shift for me. I don’t think that anyone will expect this from me, but I’m so looking forward to it.

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