Mikey Manville releases new single, “Hot Evil”

Mikey Manville shares new single, “Hot Evil”, which bears the weight of the Ukrainian Soul

Honouring his roots, Mikey Manville has collected his thoughts and planted songwriting seeds with themes of anger, reflection, and hope for his invaded motherland. With unsettling, overdriven guitars carried into a rebellious, chiming yet hopeful chorus–a George Harrison footnote and a tip of the cap to Neil Young–Manville creates an intensity that would have the Constantines camp lifting their glass.

In the protest anthem “Hot Evil,” The Manvils’ frontman shows his scorned reflection in his heated lyrics. In every line, one can sense the song’s evocative nature: “Hot evil, clear vision. All hot people will take vengeance on. You try and take us away, without a safety clip to change. Hot evil, clear vision…”

“Hot Evil” is not the song planned as the first single off Manville’s upcoming solo album Fieldnotes LP. Given the horrors of the Ukrainian invasion, a different sound and energy with fury were called upon to be set free.

Produced by a longstanding partner and trusted tone shaper John Akred, between the walls of his secluded Melody Hunting Lodge in Redwood City, California, ‘Hot Evil’ is introduced with wild and reckless abandon and a taste of what’s to come.

As the track begins, with an almost hypnotic sound, you’re pulled in. Listening closely to the lyrics, you hear, “I’ll Never Return, To the state that we were, Hot evil, clear vision…” From that first hint of the song, you realize it is truly an anthem. Mikey, who is Ukrainian, evokes emotion. You feel how much he cares, how angry he is, and how he aches for a change for Ukraine.

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Listen to “Hot Evil” below, and stay up to date with Mikey Manville via his socials.

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