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Katy Hurt has unveiled her second Canadian single, “Wish I Could Give You Up”, which follows the previously released “Sounds Good In A Bar.”

In Katy Hurt’s latest up-tempo single, she pens an open letter to her greatest love and vice, music.

With relatable lyrics like, “I don’t need your advice because my vice is something I can’t change” it is a song many people can connect to.

“I’ve given my whole life to music since I was a little girl and it’s been an incredible journey of highs and lows. This song sums up my relationship with songwriting and artistry and how throughout the years creativity has become my vice. My go to for when I need an infusion of joy and the thing I turn too when I’m in my darkest hour. The journey of being a musician has brought me such light and sadness in equal measure. Canada is my musical home, and I’ve written and recorded some of my favorite country songs there, including this one, I can’t wait to share it with everyone and be back in Canada for Canadian Music Week”, explains Katy.

Katy will be performing at the 2022 Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and there will be additional performances around Ontario announced at a later date.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’d love to! Hey Everyone, my name is Katy Hurt, I’m a country singer-songwriter. I was born in London England, raised in the states, and my music has truly taken me all over the world. My last EP, current singles and my debut album (which is on its way soon) were all written and recorded out in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I just recently finished a 17 date tour across the UK and I’m very excited to be headed to Toronto soon where I’ll be playing at Canadian Music Week.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

“Wish I Could Give You Up” is the second single from my upcoming debut album. It was co-written with Murray Pulver (Doc Walker, The Bros. Landreth) and Gab Zsapka and recorded in Winnipeg at Stereobus Studios. It went to Number 1 on the UK iTunes chart on its first day of release which I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

This song comes from a very personal place, I’ve given my whole life to music since I was little and it genuinely has been a journey of high high’s and low low’s. Writing this song was a way of accepting that journey and realizing that songwriting and creativity have become my vice through the years.

The cool thing about songs is that the stories can be universal, so when we were writing this track we wanted to make sure that people who weren’t also musicians would be able to relate. So whether your vice just so happens to be music or even another person, it’s a song about knowing when something is meant to be.

When it comes to the global pandemic, how are you keeping yourself out in the public eye while not being able to perform?

I’ve been on stage almost every week since I was about 12 years old so not being able to do that was really hard for me. It really made me step back and realize just how lucky we are that this pandemic happened at a time when we had the technology to cope with it. So from March of 2022 until June of 2021 I did a weekly live stream series and was able to keep in touch with my incredible fans, and even make new ones. We were able to get to know each other better and connect in a very different way because it was such a raw experience. Those live streams were definitely a lifeline for me.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so if you were able to work with ONE fellow Canadian artist, alive or dead, who would you choose?

Such a tough question but I think if I had to choose just one it would have to be Shania Twain. I spent so many years growing up studying her songwriting and the way that she captivates a crowd and I think that to share the stage with her one day would be so much fun and would truly be a dream come true.

What’s your goal for 2022?

I have some big plans for the rest of this year! I have a bunch more songs on the way which will eventually be a part of my album. I would have to say that my goal for 2022 would be to tour across Canada, hopefully growing my little army of fans along the way.

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