James Favron releases video for new single, “Lovers”

James Favron examines love gone wrong in his new release, “Lovers”

James Favron, the Hamilton, Ontario-based singer-songwriter has unveiled his heartfelt alt-pop/ folk single, “Lovers.”

Written in the aftermath of the dissolution of his marriage, but without the outright bitterness that can often dominate the discourse of such changes, James insists the song is simply an examination of what led to the life-changing circumstances.

“The song first began to take shape in 2019 when my family life, as it was, fell apart,” Favron explains. “We spent the better part of a year living together after the split, and that involved both of us starting to see other people.”

The latter point is confronted in the song’s chorus, as Favron sings of watching himself go from the role of husband to becoming just “another number.” A simple, three-note guitar melody and simplistic drum beat virtually run the course of the pop ballad as Favron’s raspy vocals acknowledge he wasn’t entirely blameless in the split.

The video for “Lovers” features Favron engaged in his daily routine at home mixed with his performance of the song. The video sits against a primarily neutral slate of colours. The video’s storyline closely mimics the song’s arc, with the climax of the clip arriving when the singer-songwriter begins packing his things to start a new life, finally breaking free from the ghost of his past.

“The song is, really, my experience and processing the end of the relationship,” says Favron. “It’s a relatable thing for a lot of folks, and I felt it was something I wanted to give some air to, even just as an affirmation that people go through this kind of thing often and that, as impossible as it might seem, things will work out.”

“Following my divorce, I realized and rediscovered that I’m kind of a goofy idiot,” he says, laughing. “After my first child was born, I thought I had to kind of suppress that side of my personality to be a responsible adult. But I finally feel like I’m getting back to the core of who I am. Everything has come full circle, and it’s an exciting feeling.”

Watch the video for “Lovers” below, and stay up to date with James Favron via his socials.

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