Ananda Xenia Shakti shares on her latest single, “Cosmic Quiver”

Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power The Band unveils a new transformational single, “Cosmic Quiver”

Ananda Xenia Shakti, originally from Toronto, ON started out as a punk singer in an all-girl band, B-Girls, and is now known as a transformational artist.

Her latest single, “Cosmic Quiver,” is a song that draws upon the deep and mysterious energies of the universe celebrating the Wisdom Eye of Creation. Through music, Ananda aims to help us all open our divine vision. Listeners will delight in the song’s exuberant energy and the artist’s uplifting performance.

Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power The Band are creating “Music for Body and Soul, Vibrational Healing and Celebrating the Festival of Life.”

Love Power the Band performs a rare musical experience called “Interactive Music.” The audience becomes part of the band. The audience is given their own vocal part of the song that one of the background vocalists helps them with. It is a magical experience of breaking the division between performer and audience, and igniting the soul to experience we are “One.”

Her spiritual awakening came while living in NYC. She made a huge life decision and left the B-Girls to pursue yoga and the spiritual principles of life, with a firm inner commitment to merge modern music and ancient life teachings.

Ananda is the Creative Director and founder of Choose Love Karmic Readings, in which she acts as a conduit of Higher Realms wisdom for clients and through which she receives healing ‘Poetry’ similar to the style of Rumi that she transforms into song. She is also an international Yoga Trainer, founding Sananda yoga training courses in 2004.

Sananda Yoga offers classical esoteric yoga, and specializes in “The Feminine Art of Yoga” — A “Deep Empowerment for Women” in all of their natural expressions: Strength, Grace, Spiritual Awakening, Vibrancy, Compassion, Love, One-Pointed Focus, Revelry, Tender Heartedness, Intelligence, Divine Moods, and Being the Crucible for your Evolution, Freedom of Expression In Body Mind And Heart, Beauty, Womb Wisdom.

Watch the video for “Cosmic Quiver” below, and find out more about Ananda via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Ananda Xenia Shakti, ‘I Am Love’ and so are you ! I am an Intuitive Inter-Dimensional Healing Artist… I have a band called Love Power the Band, we create vibrational healing music. I am a channel for Inter-dimensional healing guidance, an international Yoga trainer and Indian Classical Dancer and of course a singer/songwriter …with a history in the NYC Punk scene.

You recently unveiled your new single, “Cosmic Quiver”, what can you tell us about the writing process for the track?

The track is actually a traditional Indian chant that I heard from a friend and felt instantly inspired by. I adjusted the lyrics slightly as it was originally written as a praise to a specific spiritual teacher who was known to be an incarnation of the Indian God Shiva. I changed a few words of the chorus so that it would become directly a praise to Shiva, the deity that inspires the awakening of the Divine eye, which is the same as the Higher Mind within each of us.

When this Divine Eye awakens it allows us to see life beyond our Holographic projection of the karmic patterns we carry within us that create our life suffering. The Divine Eye connects us to our Universal Self and is the destroyer of the illusion of fear and separation so that we can live in true love and trust. I didn’t write this song, I inspire it forward with lyrics, beats, and melody.
It all came together in India on the one day of the year where the Shiva is worshipped all night long, with song, dance, and meditation. The experience of creating the updated version and recording the song on this special day was truly an event of wonder and magic. I couldn’t have asked for a greater synchronicity of events. The song is a vibrational healing dance track, designed to awaken the Divine Eye.

How did your path change from punk music to creating transformational music?

I had a spiritual awakening. I started to see the mystery of life as a calling home to the Universal Self through the esoteric teachings of Yoga. I knew instantly I found the path I had been seeking by exploring aIl I had as an artist. And this new path did not suppress my energetic approach to life, it actually called me forward to even a greater expression of energy and expression than the punk scene did, which is why I had been attracted to it in the first place.

I always had a Dionysus-like approach to life, shattering through form, shaking things up with great devotion. The punk scene is not unlike Bhakti Yoga the Devotional Yoga path, except that the punk scene is rooted in rebellion out of nihilism, so many people enter it with self-destructive tendencies as a way to reflect back on society its flaws!
Yoga also says no to the flaws with great passion, but understands them as a stage of development and offers a way out of the problem, a going beyond, a transformation, which is the real reason we come to earth, to evolve.

Once I opened to yoga it was a natural desire to create music that offered that state of transformation. It was an easy awakening but not easy to find others to create with, that took some time, but when it did land it did so beautifully. I feel so blessed to be able to offer the love and wisdom I have encountered and been inspired by to others through music.

If you could give one piece of advice to everyone out there, what would it be?

Don’t settle for anything less than unconditional love for all. It will bring the greatest freedom and joy you could ever imagine.

What else can we expect from you in 2022?

I expect to be releasing a number of singles this year and starting to gig again.

I also hope to begin offering ‘New Earth Happenings’ where we combine music, with mediation and visualization teachings to support our evolution from Fear to Love!

I experience being an artist at this time as an act of service that no longer affords long pauses between offerings because our world is shifting so dramatically and quickly. I feel inspired to keep the messages of love and freedom alive and very active. The messages that I receive for the collective in my Inter-Dimensional healing work arrive daily, and the music I offer is inspired by these Angelic messages, so I’m allowing that abundant flow of wisdom and love to guide the music to be very active.

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