Tate Irving releases new single, “She Said”

Tate Irving tells an up-tempo tale of hardship & growth in his new single, “She Said”

Tate Irving, the Canadian singer-songwriter electrifies with his signature pop-punk sound to tell a tale filled with hardship and personal growth with his catchy new single “She Said.”

“She Said” is an upbeat melody brimming with a charm that showcases Irving’s penchant for storytelling while demonstrating his life-long commitment to music through his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist. With the benefit of hindsight, Irving draws on his own experiences and setbacks to convey his uplifting message of self-acceptance in an authentic way.

Irving wrote “She Said” at 20-years-old, initially framing it as a series of life lessons passed down by Irving’s mother. As Irving says, “just the things she had taught me over the years and the importance of good values.” As time passed, the song was revised many times and transitioned from a slower acoustic piece into music that is much more up-tempo.

Irving reflected on the trials and tribulations of his 20s and the helpful advice he received to inspire a critical message of self-help and self-fulfillment.

“Well, you could start a revolution by the end of the day
Or build a white picket fence at the end of your lane
Post pictures on the internet for people you hate
Or work a 9-5 for a minimum wage
and maybe it’s just me and it just seems,
That this might be the next worse thing
So, you do you and I’ll do me”

The music’s kinetic energy is complemented by vocal harmonies and multisyllabic rhyme schemes that emphasize Tate Irving’s raw lyrical talent.

Listen to “She Said” below, and stay up to date with Tate Irving via his socials.

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