Mayfly share video for their single, “Blackwater”

Mayfly share a striking video for their newest single, “Blackwater”

Mayfly, the Montreal-based duo, made up of singer-songwriters, Charlie and Emma, recently unveiled the first single from their upcoming debut album – “Blackwater”. Their album will be released via Montreal label Duprince Records this October.

In this striking video, the stories of Charlie and Emma and how they each live with the repercussions of deteriorating mental health, are portrayed in two very distinct universes. Where these two parallel worlds come to coexist, is in the fact that both Charlie and Emma’s hurt and distress go completely unnoticed. They both feel completely invisible to the rest.

Charlie and Emma share,

‘“Black Water” is one of our most honest and vulnerable works to date. We are opening up on some of the darkest moments that both of us have gone through mentally. Through the videoclip that we shot for this track, we tried to illustrate in the most visually striking and realest way possible, how someone can be without anyone noticing or reaching out.”

“The song, as well as the clip, is our way to share with the world how we have dealt with issues like depression, anxiety and feeling alone… In a way, we want to help those who have felt the same way as us to be heard and seen and know that it’s okay to go through certain periods of mental instability. One way to get out of this is to reach out and ask for help. Although it may seem extremely difficult, it’s necessary and will bring a positive outcome to let others know what is going on.”

Charlie and Emma both conceptualized the entirety of the “Blackwater” project, then went on with the help of director and close friend Adrian Villagomez to ensure their ideas could all come to life. They teamed up with an all-girl production company called “Le Répertoire” to coordinate this rather ambitious project. Charlie and Emma were not only the featured artists for the clip, but they were very active members of the production team as well. They occupied many different roles, from the beginning till the end of the process, in order to keep the end result as close as possible to their initial vision.

Over the last year, Mayfly has been ironing out a more mature and darker sound for their first full-length album.  Self-produced and the head of all artistic, visual, and creative aspects of the project, Charlie and Emma are proud to push their art forward as two young women in the music industry trying to inspire other women like them to own their place.

Watch the video for “Blackwater” below, and stay up to date with Mayfly.

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