Patrick Kimmell partners with arranger, Andrei Panasevich as Mel & Harmon to write & record downloadable soundtrack

Patrick Kimmell presents a very novel way to enjoy his book, “Two Lives to a Destiny”

Patrick Kimmell, the Ontario-based writer & classical Pianist/ Composer released his book, “Two Lives to a Destiny” on September 29, 2020. It is a romantic and suspenseful novel that tells the story of Patrick and Fatima, two lovers engulfed in adventures that separate them from each other. Still, they are willing to live the impossible in order to meet again. Both will need a surmountable amount of strength and faith, to make their love eternal.

Kimmell teamed up with his musical partner and arranger Andrei Panasevich, also known as Mel & Harmon to write and record a downloadable soundtrack to accompany the novel. They have created 11 original compositions to musically illustrate the chapters of Kimmell’s novel “Two Lives to a Destiny”. Designed to be listened to while reading the novel, the soundtrack is a first-of-its-kind endeavor, adding musical context to the book’s narrative and an enhanced dimension to the reader’s emotional experience.

“Set in the early 1700s, this is the story of two souls who challenge and overcome societal obstacles erected by their different origins, cultures, and traditions,” explains Kimmell. “It’s an exciting journey of lovers who meet for the first time, fall in love unexpectedly, unprepared, and unaware of the quests that lie ahead just so that they can meet – only another time. But is this really their destiny?”

While reading the novel inspires readers to ‘see’ what’s happening in their minds, hearing the music written for that part of the story will only serve to enhance and add vibrancy to those mental images.

Kimmell also plans to take his soundtrack for “Two Lives to a Destiny” to yet another level.

“My next step is to create the musical, to which all the lyrics have already been written by Vaughn Harbin,” he notes.

Check out Chapter 2: SUNRISE below, and stay connected with Patrick Kimmell via his socials.

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