Angelique Francis unveils video for new single, “Take Command”

Angelique Francis lays down the law in less than sixty seconds with “Take Command”

Angelique Francis, the multi-genre singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist has unveiled her bold new single release from her latest album, Long River. The single follows her previous release, “Storms From My Eyes“.

“Take command, take command
Don’t rely on another man”

An empowering chant lifting up and fueling feminine strength, “Take Command” puts Angelique Francis’ dusky, self-assured lead vocal front and center with her own tight harmonies for the first half-minute before kick drum and handclaps propel this interlude to a speedy finish. While the chorus is a demonstrative reminder to take back personal worth, the verse describes the indiscretion that gives fire to that need.

“Take Command” is a moment in time that needs no further explanation or expounding upon. Everyone can understand the pain of rejection instantly and Francis frames it in this song in an unadorned and undeniably hypnotic way.

The equally hypnotic and highly effective video for “Take Command” features multiple versions of the Ottawa-based artist on a white background, dressed in a striking blue gown. The glamorous group sings the song while the camera snap-zooms and snap-pans to reveal particular Angeliques that start clapping, playing the drum, or singing certain key lyrics.

“Take Command” is an interlude that bridges between two longer tracks on Francis’ second album Long River, which was just released in March. Blues traditions are at the heart of all fourteen tracks on the album, but there are also intriguing genre bends towards Soul, Folk, Jazz, Gospel, and Rock along the way. Francis’ versatile, soulful, and evocative vocals anchor the trip, conjuring up reminiscences of Big Mama Thornton, Koko Taylor, Aretha, Bessie Smith, and more. The mix of genres and influences running through Long River — and the sense of everything and everyone is connected — anchors the key concept Francis wanted to convey with her new album.

“Despite our differences, and the vast variations in our personal histories, we are all floating down this river together,” notes Francis. “We are all connected in this way. We have all shared the same beginning, and we will all share the same end.”

In addition to Francis’ upfront contributions as lead vocalist — handily displayed on “Take Command” — she plays upright bass, electric bass, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitar, organ, and keyboards on the album. Joining her are four of her family members: co-songwriter, producer, drummer, and vocalist Kiran Francis, saxophonist and vocalist Kharincia Francis, trombonist, and vocalist Kira Francis, and vocalist Kayla Francis. Rounding out the band are Dave Williamson on lead electric guitar and Ed Lister on trumpet.

Watch the video for “Take Command” below, and stay up to date with Angelique Francis via her socials.

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