Alex Henry Foster shares new single, “The Power of the Heart”

Alex Henry Foster shares a music video for his cover of Lou Reed’s, “The Power of the Heart”

Alex Henry Foster, the Montreal-based alternative, independent DIY artist has released a conceptual music video for his cover of Lou Reed’s “The Power of the Heart”, which was released via Hopeful Tragedy Records.

To celebrate the release, Foster – along with his band, The Long Shadows – will be giving two special live-streamed performances of The Power of The Heart on Sunday, May 22. Audiences will get to hear the song in a slightly reimagined style, as Foster also shares some of his other music, including some potentially unreleased new material. Tune in here at 2:00 pm ET and 8:00 pm ET on Sunday.

The track can be heard on all digital and streaming platforms, in both a four-minute radio-ready mix and an eight-and-a-half minute version. Foster is also offering the song on limited-edition lathe-cut vinyl, individually printed and silkscreen-printed one-by-one, signed and numbered. Pre-orders for the vinyl are available here.

Perhaps Reed’s most underrated song, “The Power of the Heart” was also a favourite of creative pioneer, Laurie Anderson, who was Reed’s longtime partner and wife until his death in 2013. Foster, who brings his own signature, dense sonic texture to the song, recorded “The Power of the Heart” in part at his Virginia studio, where he currently resides, along with a grandiose orchestration captured live in his Quebec-based, The Upper Room Studio.

“I’ve been a fan of Lou Reed’s music ever since I found that strange-sounding LP titled Transformer in the prime section of my father’s vinyl collection when I was a kid,” shares Foster. “It took me years, streaming into the bleakest turbulences of my own inner voyage, to envision the prospect of making a monument of sincerity such as The Power of the Heart’mine.”

Watch the video for “The Power of the Heart” below, and stay up to date with Alex Henry Foster via his socials.

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