Harriet Chung releases new single, “Vancouver”

Harriet Chung takes a musical journey of the heart to “Vancouver” with her new release.

Harriet Chung, the award-winning Canadian artist, has unveiled her new single, “Vancouver”, which features Warren Robert on guitar and bass, Christopher Siu on piano, Randy Cooke on drums, and Rique Franks on background vocals.

Canadians are incredibly fortunate to call a breathtakingly beautiful, culturally and naturally diverse, awe-inspiring country home. There’s A LOT to love about this great land from coast to coast to coast. Canada is where International singer, actress, and award-winning performer Harriet Chung makes her home. She offers a musical love letter to one of the shiniest jewels in this country’s crown with this track.

An uplifting and exuberant journey propelled by piano, guitar, and strings and Chung’s bright, earnest vocal, “Vancouver” is a personal and sentimental destination for the multi-honoured artist.

“The song is about a road trip across Canada that ends in Vancouver,” Chung explains. “Having lived there in the past, the song is about my love for the city.

“Warren Robert’s arrangement and guitars with a fabulous solo give the song the energy to take you across Canada and the beautiful city of Vancouver,” she adds.

The single details a bucolic cross-country trip we may not have all taken but have certainly imagined with our own perceptions of this country’s wildly varied landscapes.

“Vancouver” comes ahead of Chung’s upcoming debut album, which is the follow-up to her 2021-released “A World Away (Remix).”

Chung has also released a lyric video for “Vancouver,” which features footage from a return visit to her former west coast home last summer.

Watch the lyric video for “Vancouver” below, and stay up to date with Harriet Chung via her socials.

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