The Trampoline Delay unveils new single, “In Your Head”

The Trampoline Delay gets “In Your Head” with his new single

The Trampoline Delay is the stage name of multi-instrumentalist Pete Marino. During the lockdowns, the time away from the daily grind gave life to an album’s worth of eclectic indie rock. It gave Pete the chance to unpack life’s ups, downs, death, health, and even fucked-up relationships.

“I’ve always found that songs come to me in the morning and getting up, going to my day job wasn’t conducive to getting songs out of my head. When I found myself working from home, I used that extra time I saved not commuting to write. Late nights once spent decompressing or watching TV turned into late night recording sessions, isolation effectively became a catalyst to getting these song out of my head and into the studio, albeit late at night and often in an entirely different type of isolation.”

The new single, “In Your Head” is the last single from his new album, In Your Head, which was released on May 17, 2022.

Pete shares,

 “‘In Your Head’ is a song about “that person”. It could be a friend, a boyfriend, your wife, a parent, or your nagging boss! But whoever it is, they always have something to say about you or what you’re doing wrong. Musically, “In Your Head” is fierce, noisy, chaotic, and fast (both in tempo and in length), while maintaining an infectious quality that keeps it pounding “in your head” for days!”

Watch the lyric video for “In Your Head” below, and find out more about The Trampoline Delay via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure, my name is Pete Marino and I perform under the name The Trampoline Delay. I wrote, played most of the instruments, and recorded all of the songs on my own, so technically The Trampoline Delay is my solo project. The songs range from alt-rock to alt-folk.

You have recently unveiled your new single, “In Your Head”, what can you tell us about the writing process behind the single?

“In Your Head” is one of those songs that just popped out in minutes. I normally come up with the chorus chords and melody first when writing a song. In this case, it started with that staccato single note intro. From there the verse melody came pretty easy and then the chorus came last. The “woooooooo” part was a guitar riff I threw in there, but I felt it made a better vocal part so I changed it. I think I was in a bit of a grumpy period in my life and the lyrics just came from that. Pretty much a one-take-wonder. I don’t think I ever even considered any revisions on the song. The song itself is about as simple as it gets, however, oddly enough… out of all the songs on the record, it took the longest to complete. It just felt a little stale by the time I decided to release the record. A friend jumped in and offered to give it a new mix for me. Just added some new guitar tones, which made the song a little more aggressive. It gave the whole thing some new life. I ended up re-recording the vocals. Now I’m really happy with it.

You’ve shared a lyric video for “In Your Head”, what was the highlight of the video creation process?

Embracing my inner laziness!! That’s the highlight!! I completely forgot about making a video for the song. I think it was around 11 pm and I was like “Crap, I wanna go to bed, but I need to make a video”. I’m terrible with video software, I had no one to help me, so I just thought of ways to make it quick, with as little editing as possible. I thought about that cool Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues” video. I liked the idea of handwritten text.

I think ideally it would have been cool if I had been able to write the words in time with the music… but it was really hard to hold my phone and write at the same time (I tried). So I jotted it all down, made a recording for each verse and chorus, and that was it… no editing required. As lazy as you can get. I was in bed and sleeping before midnight! And best of all… I like the results!

Now that we’re back to live music, do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to tell us about?

So right now, I’m in the process of getting a band together. It’s funny, with all these songs, I pretty much wrote them as I recorded them. So now, it has been a little while and I’m finding that I need to go back and re-learn the songs. Most of the guitar parts were written on the fly and I haven’t played them since the recording. So no shows booked yet, but there should be something by late summer for sure!! If you know anyone looking to join a band… give me a call!!

What’s next for you in 2022?

Most of this record was written over COVID lockdown. I got in a pretty good writing rhythm. So good in fact that I’ve already written around 80 percent of the next The Trampoline Delay record. So look for some new singles around that. I’ve also recorded a song that I’m going to release on Father’s Day. It didn’t fit on the In Your Head album, and it doesn’t really fit with the new stuff. So it will be a stand-alone single.

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