Current Swell in Toronto, ON – Show Review

Current Swell, Jesse Roper, & Housewife
May 14, 2022
The Opera House, Toronto, ON

Current Swell, Jesse Roper, and Housewife rocked The Opera House on May 14, 2022.

Saturday, late night in the East, grooving to Indie, Blues, Reggae, and Rock music melodies, at The Opera House in Toronto. The Opera House is a traditional venue complete with theatre curtains and embellished proscenium, but with all the seats removed from the house. With no bad place to stand, The Opera House’s size is just right and reminded me of The Danforth Music hall in configuration, with a bar both on stage right and stage left; at the Front of House Level. The Opera house gives you that grand theatre and intimate music venue experience.

Jesse Roper: Even though The Toronto Maple Leafs played the Tampa By Lighting Saturday night, Jesse Roper held the audience in an indie blues, one-person show kind of performance. Even a broken guitar string didn’t stop Jesse from showcasing his West Canadian charm and blues roots rhythms. He made us laugh and serenaded us with soulful, soaring vocals. To find new music, it definitely pays off to catch the openers!

Jesse Roper

Jesse Roper 3

Jesse Roper 2

Housewife: From the streets of Toronto, Housewife, formerly known as Moscow Apartment until April of this year, brought some estrogen-powered indie rock. Soft vocals and harmonies from Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla, Housewife, will have you entangled somewhere between a folk lullaby and an alternative rock sound space. These ladies sound sways between the stage walls like pixies while taking you on a delicate refrain expedition.


Housewife 2

Housewife 4

Housewife 3

Current Swell: Victoria, BC’s Current Swell, offered us high energy, swinging Rock, Blues, and Reggae renditions of their dance-worthy collection of songs. These former northern Vancouver Island students showed us why they are a high-energy band that can bring the party to any venue. Current Swell has a unique sound with nods to Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Australia’s John Butler Trio. Ripping it up with big brass band accents and killer lap guitar rifts, Current Swell is defiantly a band to catch performing live!

Current Swell 3

Current Swell 4

Current Swell 6

Current Swell 4

Current Swell 2

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