Marshall Potts unveils new single, “Let It All Go”

Marshall Potts Imparts a Heart-Over-Brain Message In New Single, “Let It All Go”

Marshall Potts, the BC-based country-rock artist, has unveiled his new single, “Let It All Go”, which follows his previous release, “The Storm.”

A repeated lyric throughout “Let It All Go” reflects a heart-over-head life philosophy. That lyric is “climb aboard my heart,” and it’s fitting because Potts takes us on a journey of heart-centered discovery — both in terms of self and the human condition.

A multi-layered mix of violin, banjo, and acoustic and electric guitar, “Let It All Go” – off Potts’ brand-new album The Storm, both available now – is a heady mix of country jangle and big, full-bodied pop production. Full of uplifting crescendos and fist-pumping choruses, it’s the kind of song that makes you want to roll down the windows and let the breeze blow through your hair. And once you get out of the car, you might even feel a catharsis.

“It’s about following your heart and not your head,” Potts reveals. “It’s about not staying where you are not welcome, and moving forward in search of a place that is welcoming. It’s about making difficult choices and having faith that, even when you love someone, you know if they don’t love you back that’s ok.”

“Let It All Go” is also a song about healing and honoring your soul while showing care to others.

“It’s about helping others to listen to their own heart and together finding that place we can call home,” Potts adds.

Watch the lyric video for “Let It All Go” below, and stay up to date with Marshall Potts via his socials.

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