Zach’s Picks of the Week – May 16, 2022 to May 21, 2022

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Zach’s Picks of the Week is back once again. Has anyone else ever just randomly come across a new song online and thought, “I wish I had a few more new songs to listen to this week while I’ll be working or chilling out?”

Luckily, you’re tuning in to some of the best articles from our website Canadian Beats, chosen by me. I know you didn’t ask, but here they are, my five favourite artists and songs of this week. Trust me when I say that you’re going to love them like my Nana when she tells me how much she loves all the metal and hard rock bands that I feature here.

Please enjoy my comedic energy this week, while I explain to you how incredibly talented these artists are in this video below.

Number Five

This week’s first recommendation will be the folk-Americana collective known as CALICO. This group has released their latest single, “Take Me With You,” to all streaming platforms and is about the deep bond between a man and his guitar.

Specifically, the guitar that helped write out each of their profound songs. The band’s songwriter and lead vocalist, Tony Cecchetti, was only 16 years old when his parents got him a guitar on his birthday. With every chord and note, he taught himself how to play it. It travels with him through life’s journey; his guitar is always there, waiting for a new song to come about.

Please check out this incredible song in the article we have posted here.

Number Four

We’re taking a quick trip to New Brunswick and going to meet Avant-rock trio Motherhood. They have recently unveiled the latest single titled “Shepherd” to all streaming sites.

This track arrives as the second preview of their upcoming album, Winded, out on June 24th via Halifax-based label Forward Music Group. Better keep your eyes peeled for that, but they have a new video to accompany this release of the single “Shepherd.” It shows a guy drifting around the desert, chasing after his dog, and smashing bottles for fun.

Check it out at Canadian Beats, here.

Number Three

Coming up next is a group that burst onto the scene in 2021 with their debut album, I Will Want You When We Are Ghosts. I’m talking about the fantastic duo Blackout Orchestra from Toronto.

They have recently shared their new single entitled “Unfound” to all online streaming sites. The two group members, Ben VanBudkrik, and Morgan Thompson-Reid, provide an introspective insight into their songwriting and show their ability to vocalize a full range of the human experiences in their music.

The new single “Unfound” continues that journey, so check out the article for yourself here.

Number Two

Taking second in this week’s round of Zach’s Picks is a four-piece hardcore rock band hailing from Toronto. They’re GURTH and have unveiled the video for the new single, “Take Me Home.”

This single comes off their upcoming album, The Well, scheduled to drop on June 24th of this year. This new single, “Take Me Home,” explores singer Taylor Martin’s inspection after a love gone very wrong. The realization he came to was the fuel that created the entire album’s resonating power.

Be sure to visit the website and see the full video through the link here.

Number One

My last pick of the week is going to the incredible Sylvia Kay from Caledon East, Ontario. She’s a bright new pop country artist making waves with the release of her latest video for the single, “Legacy.” You can find it right now on any of your favourite streaming platforms.

This new single starts out shimmering with mellow beats underneath. She captures a mix of emotions, painting a picture of her hometown and remembering the blue skies, violets, and the tree-lined backroad where her dad used to speed. Recalling mental snapshots, living your life, and just soaking it all in.

You can witness this for yourself in the new music video for “Legacy” featured at Canadian Beats here.

Well, I hope my choices were to your liking, but if not, you can go check out the main page of Canadian Beats for even more music.

However, I hope we can see each other again next Monday for Zach’s Picks of the Week. This is all the time I have this week, so thank you for joining me. Be sure to check out all of these recommendations, follow them, and listen to their music everywhere! Now, I’ll wish you all a great week ahead, and as always, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD TO YOU ALL!

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