Vox Rea – Album Review

Artist: Vox Rea
Album: Vox Rea
Release Date: May 13, 2022
Genre: Noir Pop

Vox Rea, the Vancouver-based quartet, has unveiled their self-titled album, a follow-up to the 2017 album To Bring You Your Heart. Musically it has a dreamy vibe to it. I feel like the album is going through stages of a dream as it starts as you are drifting off to sleep, then it picks up as the dream, and you feel refreshed when you finally wake up. Lyrically, it describes the cycle of life; you feel fresh and whole as you grow up, but as you go through life experiencing the ups and downs, you seek what keeps you complete and find what works for you spiritually and physically.

Stand-out tracks are “We Are The Wild Ones” and “Reset.”

“We Are The Wild Ones” is one of the few tracks with the most upbeat medium energy, while most of the album is a nice chill, somber vibe with minimalist guitar, strings, and drums. Lyrically it is a hero’s journey with themes such as finding your passion and finally succeeding with the lyrics, “with 20 years standing still now I’m swimming up the hill, we are the wild ones.”

“Reset” is also one of the few songs that have a bright sound to an otherwise minimalistic sound. It has an early She & Him vibe with 1960s pop sensibilities like sweet syrupy background vocals and lyrical themes such as confessing the love they have to their partner.

Vox Rea is an excellent album for multiple occasions like chilling around the house, cabin road trips, or slow dancing.

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