Jackson Hollow share on their latest single, “Look Who’s Talking Now”

Jackson Hollow evokes timeless bluegrass and country music traditions on their latest single, “Look Who’s Talking Now.”

Jackson Hollow, the award-winning BC-based bluegrass group, recently shared their single, “Look Who’s Talking Now.” The track comes as the third offering from the bluegrass quartet’s upcoming debut album.

Written by legendary singer-songwriters Melba Montgomery, Jerry Salley, and Leslie Satcher, “Look Who’s Talking Now” was brought to life in the studio by the Jackson Hollow and CCMA Award-winning producer Tom McKillip. The result is a modern yet timeless bluegrass sound that seamlessly blends in traditional country, folk, and Americana elements.

Tianna Lefebvre, the lead vocalist of Jackson Hollow, says,

“As a group, we are drawn to classic country elements and embrace a sound that is not typically mainstream. When we first heard this, we connected with it immediately and felt that we could capture it with truth and feeling.”

The timeless sound in “Look Who’s Talking Now” runs parallel to the song’s enduring message.

“The song shows how two people can drift apart when a simple ‘I love you’ would bring them closer together in an instant. In life, it’s critical to tell the people we love exactly how we feel about them, before it’s too late.,” says Mike Sanyshyn, the group’s fiddle and mandolin player and secondary vocalist.

Listen to “Look Who’s Talking Now” below, and find out more about Jackson Hollow via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Tianna Lefebvre: I’m Tianna Lefebvre – lead singer and co founder of Jackson Hollow.

Mike Sanyshyn: Hello! I’m Mike Sanyshyn, one-half of the co-founders of Jackson Hollow. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, studio and touring musician – playing fiddle and mandolin and doing harmony vocals.

You have recently unveiled your new single, “Look Who’s Talking Now” what can you tell us about the writing process behind the single?

Tianna Lefebvre: I have to say we didn’t write it. This song was pitched to us by the son-in-law of one of the writers. We were hunting for songs that were authentic to our love for traditional music, and at first, the pitches we were getting were way too modern. This song was like getting into a time machine.

Mike Sanyshyn: It can often be hard sometimes when writers pitch you songs that they have personally written and put their heart and soul into, and then you don’t take it. But we wanted to get this right and find songs we could sing and make people feel something and be authentic. In this case, this song was just what we were looking for.

You worked with CCMA Award-winning producer Tom McKillip on this release. How was that experience?

Tianna Lefebvre: We have worked with Tom for years on recordings and many live shows as an “all-star band.” He has always been a friend and mentor.

Mike Sanyshyn: Tom McKillip is a friend and mentor, and we’ve worked together for many years in the studio and live on stage. We’ve always wanted to work with Tom in this role, and this album project wouldn’t have been the same without his involvement.

He produced 6 out of 10 songs, and Jackson Hollow produced four additional ones as we decided to go for a full-length album instead of an EP.

You’re married co-founders of the group, so I have to ask, what’s it like working with your partner on your music career?

Tianna Lefebvre: We met through music and have always worked together. We worked together long before we met! I have a photo of me on stage at a Jam, and Mike is playing the fiddle behind me. The date on the image is two years before we ever met. He was looking through my photo albums one day, and he was like, “Hey! That’s me!” And sure enough, it was. Haha!

Mike Sanyshyn: I’m very fortunate to do what we love and share that career path with each other.

There are advantages like we can take our work home with us, but it’s also challenging to find a balance on when to have time just for us and our life.

Music can be all-consuming, and we’re now starting to have outside help with a booking agency coming on board (Caline Artist International) aka Margot Holmes and Maverick Cooperative with Margot and Debbie Peters. Mountain Fever Records has lightened the workload and is representing us as well.

What else can we expect from you in 2022?

Tianna Lefebvre: Our live shows are starting to ramp up. We are interested to see what’s to come now that restrictions are easing. I hope to do more traveling in the states where our label is based and meet the people playing and enjoying our music.

Mike Sanyshyn: We’re adding dates to our calendar and looking forward to playing in The Yukon in June, which is a JH first, plus many more gigging opportunities are in the works!

Later this year, our album release will happen, but there’s no confirmed release date as of yet.

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