Jacob Collier in Toronto, ON- IN PHOTOS

Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier
May 10, 2022
HISTORY, Toronto, ON
Canadian Beats Passport

Jacob Collier, the London-born musician, played a double set at History this week and, along with his talented band, absolutely killed it. When the lights went down and the stage lit up, the crowd roared for the staggeringly young Collier, who is undoubtedly a paragon of crowd entertainment. Collier bolted onto the tropically decorated stage, adorned with plants and stuffed reptiles, and in his miss-matched monkey socks, began harmonizing with the venue.

With great excitement, Collier continued to play a unique set of songs full of gusto and vigor, which Toronto loved so much that he played twice! Collier will continue to spread the mutual love for music with his “Djess” album as he carries on his worldwide tour.

You can purchase tickets to upcoming shows on his website!

Jacob Collier 3

Jacob Collier Band

Jacob Collier 2

Jacob Collier Band 2

Jacob Collier 5

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