CALICO releases new single, “Take Me With You”


CALICO unveils the first single since their debut studio album.

CALICO, the Folk-Americana collective has released their latest single, “Take Me With You”. The single is about the deep bond between a man and his guitar – written about the very guitar that each one of CALICO’s profound projects was written on. An authentic piece of art, the song features emotive guitar plucking, unpredictable changes, and somber undertones.

CALICO’s songwriter and lead vocalist Tony Cecchetti was 16 when his parents got him a guitar for his birthday. Chord by chord and note for note, he taught himself to play. Traveling with him through life’s journey, his guitar was always there, waiting for a new song to come about.

Tony shares,

“Take Me with You is about moving through life with a friend that is always there, a constant, never aging, and never passing judgment. The songs I wrote came through that very guitar. Almost waiting to be birthed and heard. Waiting to turn feeling and thought into poetry and sound.”

Written in Victoria, produced in Vancouver, and recorded between the two, “Take Me With You” holds the resonance of the deep-rooted Pacific Northwest and will be followed by two singles before they release their second album, A Midnight Moon this summer.

With lyrics about friendship or love, “Take Me With You” is a pure folk track with a beautiful message. Because its focus is on a man and his guitar, I am sure every musician can relate, and if you are not a musician, I’m sure you will connect to the lyrics in another way.

Listen to “Take Me With You” below, and find out more about CALICO via their socials.

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