Blackout Orchestra shares new single, “Unfound”

Blackout Orchestra, the Canadian Alt-Indie Rock duo, unveils a new single, “Unfound.”

Blackout Orchestra burst onto the scene in 2021 with their debut album, I Will Want You When We Are Ghosts. Since then, they have released a string of singles between last year and Valentine’s Day 2022, including “It’s Fine” and “Tongues.” Now, they have shared a new single entitled “Unfound.” Each provides introspective insight into Blackout Orchestra as songwriters and their ability to vocalize the full range of the human experience. “Unfound” continues that journey, breaking out in natural, melodic undertones — soon blending the lush harmonies of Ben VanBuskirk (vocals, music) and Morgan Thompson-Reid (vocals).

Like its recently released predecessors, the new single represents the lavish eclecticism solidified on their forthcoming album, Beauty Sleep.

Blackout Orchestra’s Ben VanBuskirk shares,

““‘Unfound’ was a bit of a turning point in making the record, coming late in the game,” says VanBuskirk. “I knew a girl in high school — she transferred in and back out within about a month, but we became really close in that time.

“We were the only ‘grunge’ kids at our school, listening to Fugazi and Velvet Underground,” he continues. “I remember she had Kid A on vinyl, and I thought she was just the coolest person ever. After she moved, she was pretty transient — going from city to city, so I never knew how to reach her, but for years, a package would arrive in the mail with these beautiful ramblings, art, knick-knacks, and mixtapes.

“Eventually, they stopped coming, and I honestly have no idea what happened to her. The song is sort of a fictionalized look at where we ended up — these idealized punk rock kids who thought we’d never ‘sell out’; that we’d always be these creative weirdos and never compromise.

“I wonder if she ever found a way to navigate the ‘adult’ world and what we might have gained and lost along the way.”

Listen to “Unfound” below, and stay up to date with Blackout Orchestra via their socials.

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