GURTH releases new single, “Take Me Home”


Canadian rockers GURTH share their Post-Hardcore anthem, “Take Me Home”.

GURTH, the 4-piece post-hardcore band, has shared their new single, “Take Me Home,” in advance of their upcoming album, The Well, out June 24, 2022.

“Take Me Home” explores Martin’s introspection after a love gone very wrong. He recalls “cycles of chaos, extreme love bombing, and ice-cold indifference — the latter always leaving me yearning for the former….”

“At the time, I felt this experience was significant but unique to me. ” he continues. “Looking back, I realize it’s a pretty normal thing many people go through.”

This realization was fueled by formidable courage to scream, pound, and play out raw, painful truth, resulting in the entire album’s resonating power.

The creative power of The Well, an apt image synonymous with a dark, subconscious force, suggests that music needs Martin just as much as he needs it.

“The Well represents an awakening: the shift from autonomic, robotic movement through life to self-awareness and a conscious understanding of why the hell I got myself into this mess. ” he continues. “I already feel nostalgic for this period of instability, pain, transformation, and growth; an indication that I need music to deal with the discomfort I feel in times of peace.”

The Well follows previous releases, Autophage in 2018 and A Better End in 2019 – both well-received in the hard-rock community of the 6ix.

Building on that early success, they fleshed out the lineup with Post and Balanyuk and set out to write and record their forthcoming debut LP, The Well.

The Well highlights GURTH’s iconic blend of contrasting sound: the sweet highs of euphoric infatuation and deep lows of eviscerating heartache.  “Take Me Home” begins soft and builds like a rollercoaster, taking us on a wild ride through intense obsession, barreling toward the inevitable reckoning.

Watch the video for “Take Me Home” below, and stay up to date with GURTH via their socials.

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