Lights in Toronto, ON – IN PHOTOS

Lights & Felix Cartal
May 7, 2022
History, Toronto ON

Lights performed her final show on her Baby I’m Back tour on Saturday night at History, Toronto. Her sold-out show brought fans from near and far, and it was a night for the history books.

Opening the show was Felix Cartal; this Canadian native pumped up the crowd with some very good house music tunes. The crowd was loving his opening set and Lights made a very quick
appearance to sing one of their songs together before her big set. Fans were cheering, a great way to start the show.

Soon after, it was the start of the main event! Canadian-born singer Lights started her show by bringing on stage two very special guests; talented drag queens Ilona Verley and Miss Fiercalicious.

Lights was amazing, singing some classics as well as some new songs. She performed a more mellowed-out version of her hit song with Deadmau5When The Summer Dies“. Later on, Lights welcomed back Felix Cartal on stage to perform their song “Love Me together”. Felix played bass, as Lights serenaded the crowd. This was truly a night to remember.


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