Melissa Lauren releases video for new single, “The Day We Stopped”

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter, Melissa Lauren has announced the release of her upcoming third studio album, My Voice, due out September 9, 2022. In advance of this, she has shared the compelling official video for the lead single “The Day We Stopped”.

The song was sparked by a moment of mentally stepping outside of a heavy conflict with her husband, to take a minute to feel the sun.

That song was raw and very much in the moment,” Melissa shares.

Written after having a miscarriage, Melissa gently alludes to the importance of stopping to feel, breathe, and notice the good. Born from constant fighting with her husband, the song tells a story of trying to get back to a pure place of love. With a gentle folk strumming that expands into orchestral waves by the end of the story; the songs tugs at the heartstrings of anyone who has felt the heartbreak of feeling misunderstood.

Melissa shares,

“I wrote this song after having a miscarriage at the beginning of the pandemic. I absolutely loved being pregnant with Leah, my daughter, and I was so anxious and worried when I got pregnant again that I spent the whole time panicking, miserable, and in constant fighting with my husband.” Melissa continues; “When I lost the pregnancy, I was, of course, devastated. But mostly I was devastated that I wasted those precious months arguing and not enjoying what was happening. After the miscarriage, I couldn’t be in the same house as my husband; I felt so misheard. Then I remembered our vows and forced myself to step out of time and soak in the little beautiful things that remind us of love. Mine was a certain kiss with Nathan that reminds me of how we were able to block the world out and just love. The second verse speaks to the delicate hope of early pregnancy (in whatever form “pregnancy” takes).” 

The video, directed by Simon Paluck, beautifully captures the hardships that we experience in relationships.

I was incredibly fortunate to pair with Simon and his creative team on the video;” shares Melissa. “Simon made me feel safe and heard; I trusted him and his director of photography Ash Tailor-Jones implicitly. They captured exactly what the song meant.

Simon adds;

“This music video was a major collaboration with an incredible DOP, Ash Tailor-Jones. By showcasing portraits of couples in disconnection, we wanted to explore what it was like to be at a crossroads – do I stay in this relationship or do I go? What if we just stopped for a minute, felt whatever we were feeling under all that anger, and used that to connect with your partner instead? Hope you like it!

Watch the video for “The Day We Stopped” below, and stay connected with Melissa via her socials.

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