Jamie Fine releases solo single, “Confessions”

Ottawa, ON-born singer-songwriter, Jamie Fine reached platinum heights in the duo, Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, but now she has unveiled her first solo single, “Confessions”, after being signed with Universal Music Canada.

“I spent a year working towards exactly what I wanted to do,” she explains. “I’m more resilient, and the music is truly authentic. It’s the most euphoric thing ever.”

The emotionally-charged single “Confessions” is produced by longtime collaborator Bynon, soft piano and elegant strings back a showstopping vocal performance. Cruising by her old house, she wonders if, “The people that live there now are happier than we were somehow?

“I was listening to a podcast with Jeff Ross, and he said humans are meant to mourn and move on,” she says. “It’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned. We may be meant to move on, but people hold on to things. Mourning becomes a sense of comfort. We don’t know who we are without it. ‘Confessions’ is me moving on to a bigger and better chapter-or even book.”

Jamie shares,

“My music isn’t linear because I’m not linear,” she says. “I am extremely happy at times, and very sad at others. I feel the most in the extremes and I can be very unsatisfied and uninspired in the middle. I go through phases of wanting to stay at home with my dog and my girlfriend and other phases of wanting to go out every night. My music is a direct extension of all of that. It’s sometimes happy and sometimes sad – sometimes fun and light and sometimes darker and more complex. But one thing that all of it is consistently, is unfiltered and transparent.”

Check out “Confessions” below, and stay up to date with Jamie Fine via her socials.

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