Fortunate Ones release video for new single, “Anchor”

Newfoundland’s Fortunate Ones are back with a video for their second single, “Anchor” from their upcoming album, That Was You And Me, which is set for release on June 3, 2022.

The video was shot in a “little salt box house by the sea” in Newfoundland where the duo spent a pandemic summer writing and recording.

Speaking on the track Fortunate Ones’ Catherine Allan and Andrew James O’Brien explain,

“‘Anchor’ is a four-minute lifetime — a reflection on what was, what is and what will be. It is an earnest and assured declaration that, through it all, we’ve had and will always have each other. ‘You and me sailing out on the sea / You and me sailing / It’s where we should be / I know you can see.’”

With lush harmonies rising out of warm acoustic sounds, That Was You and Me finds Fortunate Ones reflecting on life, loss, grief, and hard times, and ultimately choosing love. The result is an album stacked with songs about family, love, and finding one’s place. These songs are richly peopled and deeply personal—and at the same time, totally relatable.

There’s a warm intimacy not only in the songwriting but in the recording. The pair spent a pandemic summer in a little “salt box house by the sea,” says Allan, writing, refining, and recording songs they’d send digitally to producer Joshua Van Tassel in Toronto.  O’Brien credits a feeling of true freedom—freedom from the pressure of the music business delivered by a pandemic that stopped touring on a worldwide scale, freedom from his own sense of what he ought to be doing, and freedom to simply follow his own curiosity.

I led with my heart,” O’Brien says. “And I didn’t let industry pressure or popular pressure affect my creative decisions.”

For Allan, the experience of writing this album during a period of intense change, and then recording it during the isolation of a global pandemic, allowed her to examine a fundamental question of existence. “What is your life when everything else is stripped away and you have nothing else?”

Watch the video for “Anchor” below, and stay up to date with Fortunate Ones via their socials.

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