Review – Ellevator

Album: The Words You Spoke Still Move Me
Release Date: May 6, 2022
Genre: Alternative/ Alt-Rock

The Words You Spoke Still Move Me is the first full-length effort from Hamilton Ontario-based Ellevator, out via Arts & Crafts. Coming on the heels of their debut self-titled EP, this album explores existential longing, romantic power struggles, and the neverending work of true self-discovery. It has this summer vibe, driving down a highway with the sunroof open with a frilly sundress blowing in the wind. Essentially, it is a road trip album. The tracks are very anthemic with a mixture of uptempo to chill atmosphere. They describe a protagonist laying out their goals towards being their authentic self.

Standout tracks include “Claws” and “Sacred Heart”.

“Claws” musically is a driving bassline with a synth line sounding like a pop song from the 1980s. It is a message to be with someone who makes you whole, instead of being a downer you can work together with lyrics like “you can break my heart, you can shut me down or you can lift me up with your claws of love”

“Sacred Heart” is an upbeat song about the claustrophobic feeling you get when the person you are with will not leave your sight; they are always there and it makes you uncomfortable. It’s the feeling of when you first get into a relationship you feel full and you’re on top of the world but as time goes on it feels like suffocation. You just need space to think about if it is even worth it and whether it will continue or end.

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