Apryll Aileen releases new single, “Eazy Love”

Canadian singer-songwriter, Apryll Aileen has unveiled her second single, “Eazy Love”, from her upcoming album, Bad Things. The track is an ode to anyone who has been ghosted in a relationship.

Call it emotional unavailability, a fear of missing out, or just plain old commitment issues, Aileen wrote this song while in London, England, caught up in a misleading, whirlwind romance. She quickly realized a common theme while traveling and pursuing her dreams: listen closely to what people say, but more importantly, watch their actions, because people can tell you exactly what you want to hear, but it’s not necessarily the truth.

This song is the realization that only you decide what kind of relationship and behavior you will tolerate and only you can set the standards for your self-worth. If you feel taken advantage of, the choice is yours to stay or leave.

Walking away inspired Aileen to weave her angst into this new style of an upbeat soulful pop track. Check it out below.

Aileen takes the stage at the East Coast Music Awards Conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick on Saturday, May 7thfor two showcases: “Two For The Show” showcase at the Delta Fredericton Hotel at 10:15 am and the Pop showcase at Klub Khrome at 10 pm. She will be unveiling a new electronic duo pop act. 

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