Zach’s Picks of the Week – May 2, 2022 to May7, 2022

Greetings readers of the good music club, thank you for joining us. We’re going to take a dive into all the new music that was released on our website this week. It’s time once again for “Zach’s Picks Of The Week” and I’ve got this fantastic list of articles to listen to, from Canadian Beats. But of course, you’re more than welcome to check out the main page for all of the other articles posted every day. I will be giving you a snippet of each of these songs, that I have chosen in the video we have also posted on this article. So please everybody, fasten your seatbelts and get your playlist open, that way you can add these songs today.

5) Kicking off the amazing list this week, it’s Canadian-born, Nashville-based country artist Chris Buck, who is joining us with his new official music video. This new video, “Can’t Beat The View” was directed by multi-award-winning video director Stephano Barberis and shot in Langley, BC. Be sure to check out the video HERE.

4) Coming up next, we will get to know Calgary-based artist Alexandra in our Five Questions With segment. We talked about her latest single and video, “Snoozin’ Me” which is the first single off of her upcoming debut EP. You can expect it to be released in June on all streaming sites. For now, don’t forget to visit the new Five Questions With segment featuring Alexandra HERE.

3) They’re just hot off the heels of their last single “Reckless Reckless”, but Canadian supergroup, Anyway Gang are back with the next single off of their upcoming sophomore album, Still Anyways which will be out on May 6, 2022. Their new single, “Real Thing” is available on all streaming sites, so please add it to your playlist. However, you can enjoy the new video for “Real Thing” on Canadian Beats, HERE.

2) Taking second place in my top five, we have Toronto-based pop/hip hop artist and bedroom producer, Holy Ramen. She has recently released her EP, In Exile to all streaming sites but you can also check out the new single, “3am Thoughts”. It is the product of a self-induced exile; bombarded by the duality of a toxic 24/7 news cycle and happy-go-lucky social media influencers. Go enjoy the single and learn more about her HERE.

1) My final choice is going to Canadian pop star Miss Shauna, who’s unveiled her new single “Moonlight”. It’s out now on any streaming platform you prefer. This is a deeply personal track with a universal message: “Trust your Intuition”. It’s a piece of celestial dance-pop, with a trance-like vibe to it. She has also released a new video to accompany its release, which was directed by Casey Por. You can check out the new single and video HERE.

I really hope you found something that you’re going to listen to on your own. But if none of these recommendations were to you’re likening, please visit the website to find even more music articles. This has been Zach’s Picks Of The Week, thank you for tuning in today. You know I will always be back with new music at the beginning of the week on every Music Monday. So tune in next time for more amazing music from the best in Canada that was chosen by me, Zach Coopz. As always,  have another killer week and I’ll see you again. PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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