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Vancouver-based band, OurGlassZoo blends electronic rock with a few drops of synth-pop, and the result is perfection. The band is set to release their first full-length album, Aftermath in June, which was recorded with the support of Creative BC at Monarch Studios. In advance of the release, the band has unveiled three singles, “Free“, “Here“, and now, “Reminisce”.

Aftermath follows two previous EPs, OurGlassZoo in 2017 and Hindsight in 2020, and many streams on Spotify, gaining fans all along the way.

Check out “Reminisce” below, and find out more about OurGlassZoo via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure! My name is Josias Tschanz and I am the lead vocalist of OurGlassZoo, an electronic pop-rock band from Vancouver, BC. We have a new album coming out this June entitled Aftermath that we recorded with the support of Creative BC at Monarch Studios last year. We released our third single “Reminisce” on April 29, 2022, through Volunteer Media & Sony Orchard on all major platforms.

You have recently unveiled your new single, “Reminisce”, what can you tell us about the writing process behind the single?

The writing process was quite unique for this track as we worked remotely with O.K.A, a Vancouver-based Indonesian-Canadian electronic producer. O.K.A has done remixes for us in the past (‘Shallow Streets II & ‘Somehow Somewhere’), but this was the first time that he produced a song with the band involved. We recorded the drums, the guitars, and the vocals at Monarch Studios, so he could arrange the song and find a balance between the electronic components and the instrumentation.

We wanted Reminisce to have a bit of a nostalgic/melancholic feel to match the lyrics of the song, so we played with that concept throughout the track and added more elements in the mixing process at Monarch. I am personally very pleased with the result and how we’ve approached this unique collaboration.

This single follows your previous releases, “Free”, which features Juno award hip hop artist, Prevail, and “Here”, how do you choose which tracks to use as singles?

We had a good chat with our label (Volunteer Media) and distributor (Sony Orchard) but also had our internal picks. As a band, “Here” was a given because the chorus is so epic – almost anthem-like. It always felt like a single to us. “Free” was exciting because we got to collaborate with an established hip-hop artist like Prevail and it was a new genre for us to explore. The groovy brass section and the hook made this another no-brainer for a single. This album (Aftermath) is very special to us as it blends so many genres into one. We wanted to give our listeners a taste of this and take them on a journey. I feel that all singles thus far have a unique sound and flavor to them.

You are playing a live release show for your upcoming album, Aftermath on May 27 at The Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, how does it feel to be back on the stage?

We had a sold-out show at the Railway last December but with limited capacity. It was such a blessing after online shows during the pandemic. Our album release will be with a much bigger crowd, so we simply can’t wait. We are sharing the stage with East 29th and The Lunchtime band along with Prevail, a brass section, dancer Rachel Helten, and cellist Emilio Suraez.

Make sure to get your tickets for this event HERE.

What else can we expect from you in 2022?

We are currently working on a remix of “Free” with KutMusta Kurt (‘Linkin Park’ & ‘Beastie Boys’) featuring the JUNO Award-winning hip-hop artist, Moka Only.

We are also in pre-production for a new music video to be shot this summer. Our latest music video “Sins” is on the film festival circuit, so we are enjoying the ride in the meantime.

We might also be in a few music festivals this year, so please check our website and socials for upcoming events & other news.

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