Wolf Thomas Kerr releases new single, “Waterfall”

Victoria, BC’s Wolf Thomas Kerr has shared his new single, “Waterfall”, a track about the impermanence of life; those moments of fleeting ecstasy replaced by empty silence. “Waterfall” is about enjoying and seizing the moment rather than holding on to it for dear life.

“‘Waterfall’ is just another therapy session with myself,” says Wolf Thomas Kerr. “It was about being depressed and sitting here in life’s limbo. The lyrics ‘Angels comfort me once a year, then disappear’ says it all.”

The song, with its many thick guitar licks, has a classic rock vibe to it, similar to something from Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix. And the outro, which has been built up to throughout the track is pure rock magic with a light guitar solo.

“‘Waterfall’ was the first time I remember riffing in between verses, allowing my imagination to hear a space where all kinds of sounds were in constant cosmic collision with one another,” he says. “I want that raw intimate feeling of just you and that guitar all alone in space and time only to be suddenly electrified and crashing with all kinds of celestial sound.”

Check out the single below, and stay up to date with Wolf Thomas Kerr via his socials.

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