PREMIERE – Miss Shauna releases new single, “Moonlight”

Canadian up-and-coming pop star, Miss Shauna has unveiled her new single, “Moonlight“, a deeply personal track with a universal message: trust your intuition.

“In my experience, If you surrender to life as is, there’s usually something unexpected and beautiful around the corner,” Miss Shauna says. “Your wildest dreams could suddenly show up if you just get out of the way.”

A piece of celestial dance-pop, “Moonlight” has a trance-like vibe to it. The song begins with light acoustic guitar and a loop of Miss Shauna’s voice before exploding into a grooving disco-funk dance cabaret guided by ethereal bass synths.

 Miss Shauna’s voice is all-encompassing and omnipotent on the track, switching between soft cadences to belting out some operatic notes.

“Over the past six years, I’ve really worked on diving deep and pulling up the emotional and expressive side of my voice,” she says. “I’ve always been a power belter but I used to sound like a Disney Princess, which is fantastic, but I wanted more of an edge to that so I pulled my life experience up from my gut and into my voice.”

Check out the video for “Moonlight” below, and stay up to date with Miss Shauna via her socials.

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