IN PHOTOS: Charlotte Cardin in Montreal, QC

Who: Charlotte Cardin, Zach Zoya
When: April 29th, 2022
Where: MTelus, Montreal QC

Last night, rising singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin kicked off the first of 13 sold-out shows in her hometown’s MTelus. The venue was already packed to the brim as rapper Zach Zoya took the stage for his opening set, full of energy as usual! Shortly after 9pm, Charlotte Cardin arrived on stage to the sound of Passive Aggressive and fans singing along. The audience had been waiting for this show for a while now, as dates were initially planned for the beginning of the year and postponed to the spring. Fresh off her European tour, Charlotte explained her joy to be playing back at home, and enchanted the crowd for the duration of her set, which had a mix of songs from her latest album Phoenix, as well as classics like Dirty DirtyMain Girl and Faufile.

Charlotte Cardin


Zach Zoya

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