Holy Ramen releases new single, “3am Thoughts”

Toronto, ON-based up-and-coming pop and hip hop artist and bedroom producer, Holy Ramen has recently released her EP, In Exile, along with a new single, “3am Thoughts”.

“3am Thoughts” is the product of a self-induced exile; bombarded by the duality of a toxic 24/7 news cycle and happy-go-lucky social media influencers, Holy Ramen was left with an empty feeling inside. Deciding to cut herself off from the world, Holy Ramen reclused into a personal uprooting, looking to find some sort of clarity in life.

“It was too much,” she reveals. “I needed to cut myself off from everyone and everything. I entered a self-imposed exile, hence the name for this EP.

“I needed time alone to heal, and I was creating a lot of music.”

Inadvertently, “3am Thoughts” is a small tease of themes prominent in Holy Ramen’s newest EP, In Exile. A simple production that builds on itself, the song creates intricacies within its straightforward façade. The production embeds silky guitar and atmospheric keys to lull the listener into a daze – much like the late-night delirium that develops as the night goes by.

“Throughout my youth, I seemed fine on the outside – but not so much on the inside,” Holy Ramen recalls. “My darkest thoughts come to haunt me late at night, and if you listen to the lyrics carefully, it’s quite dark.”

Dark is an adjective that comes to mind, although the darkness behind some of the verses is accompanied by a raw and genuine vulnerability. The darkness that can accompany some of our late-night ponderances is oftentimes shined on by our acceptance of things we can’t change and words of wisdom – sometimes our own. “3am Thoughts” is a phenomenal representation of this.

Check out “3am Thoughts” below, and stay up to date with Holy Ramen via her socials.

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