Danah-Lee releases new single, “Love Letter To A Friend”

Canadian contemporary Christian pop artist Danah-Lee is back with her new single, “Love Letter To A Friend”.

Melancholy but soaring, “Love Letter To A Friend” beseeches a friend to be understanding about the fact that the narrator has fallen out of contact. Featuring piano, a groovy-lite bassline, and elegant strings with some whimsical pizzicatos at the end, the song arrives from Danah-Lee’s newly released 2022 album, Made in the Image.

“In my humble opinion, the ‘Read/Seen’ ability on messenger-type apps can be a double-edged sword,” Danah-Lee says. “Sometimes it’s not possible to respond, but the person on the other end might take this personally and start creating their own stories as to why the reader/receiver is not responding.”

Danah-Lee speaks from recent personal experience, having fallen ill during the summer of 2021 after a rare adverse reaction to a Covid-19 vaccine. She believes it was likely caused by an allergy to one of the ingredients, which had long-term effects over the span of eight months.

“During this time, I moved back in with my parents to care for me for three months,” she shares. “As I slowly returned to my own home and to the studios, I really struggled with responding to messages, and the only thing that kept me connected to any sort of sanity was creating music – especially this song.”

A big fan of the song “I Love You” by Climax Blues Band, Danah-Lee strove for a similar effect in the production of “Love Letter To A Friend.” The song’s groovy-but-tasteful bassline was supplied by bassist John Thomasson, the beautiful string arrangement by David N. Campbell, and drums/percussion by Glenn Welman.

Check out the lyric video for “Love Letter to a Friend” below, and stay up to date with Danah-Lee via her socials.

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