SOHLO releases new single, “Libertine”

Toronto’s alternative producer, SOHLO has unveiled his single, “Libertine”, and is the last preview for SOHLO’s upcoming EP, After Love.

The single is about a passionate romance that became difficult to sustain, because of his strong dedication to music.  “Libertine” is an alternative dance-rock track, which fits nicely in the cyberpunk genre and has SOHLO reconciling with a somewhat self-destructive point in his life.

 “I was invested in a long-distance relationship years ago. I didn’t always have time for my partner because I was always working on my music, trying to establish a better life for the both of us,” he says. “As things progressed with the relationship, things began to get rocky. I tried to fight for the relationship as much as I could, but we weren’t on the same page. She didn’t understand what I was going through at the time so she decided to end things.”

During this difficult period, SOHLO occupied much of his time by focusing on his work.  He distracted himself by meeting his friends on weekends at “The Libertine”, a club located in the Downtown Toronto area. He views the whole experience as one of erudition.

“Some people are meant to enter your life to teach you important lessons … It’s not always for the long haul.”

Libertine” is a song destined for the alt-club scene, but also one you can scream at the top of your lungs on the highway. Check it out below, and stay up to date with SOHLO via his socials.

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