Ishana releases new single, “Whole Again”

Mississauga, ON-born, Montreal, QC-based roots-folk singer-songwriter and empathetic musician, Ishana has unveiled her latest single, “Whole Again”. The track is about moving past a dark or painful part of one’s life, but being present during the reflection of the experience. The instrumentation of light acoustic guitar, subtle piano, and strings guides the listener as we latch onto Ishana’s pure and soothing voice. It’s as if she’s singing the song directly to her listener under a starry sky, as moments of their life flash in the sky.

Suffering and melancholy exist not to deprive us of our dignity but to transfigure us and set us on a new path and “Whole Again” is meant to be a companion of that reflection.

“I believe that we can all work our way back through our pain and traumas, with a generous dose of compassion, gentleness, and understanding towards ourselves, and eventually become whole again,” Ishana says.

Want more from Ishana? You’re in luck, she’s currently working on creating a home studio with the goal of releasing a five to seven-song EP for the end of 2022 or 2023.

Listen to “Whole Again” below, and stay up to date with Ishana via her socials.

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