PREMIERE – Rosina B. Solomon releases new EP, Intro

Toronto, ON-based R&B artist, Rosina B. Solomon has unveiled her EP, Intro. The EP was completed over a period of three years and is filled with calming tones, warm beats, and self-reflective, uplifting vocals.

Listening to the Intro EP from start to finish puts the listener in an almost trance-like state, leaving them to contemplate the introspective feelings of forgiveness on “Broke Yours,” sincerity on “By My Side,” and empowerment on “I Need (Fulfillment).”

Many of the songs are also about love, as with a classic R&B project, but Rosina has a way of making each track seem relatable. The lead single “Kick It” for example has an irresistible soul backdrop that will make you nostalgic for the ’90s. There will also be a “Kick It” music video in the coming weeks.

Many of Rosina’s songs come from her personal experience, but really, her music is all about capturing a moment in time. And many of the alluring melodies guide these moments.

“I feel like in general, I appreciate a good melody above all—that’s the catchy thing that will be stuck in your head, so the melody is King,” Rosina says. “It’s what most people will cling to. That being said, why waste a good song with subpar lyrics if you have the ability to craft it better?”

Listen to Rosina’s Intro EP below, and stay up to date with her via her socials.

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