Jing Xia releases new album, The Numinous Journey

Born in Hunan, China, and based in Newfoundland, professional zheng artist, and scholar, Jing Xia started to study the instrument at six years old. . As a young performer, her musical journey on the zheng encompassed Chinese traditional and folk music to intercultural ensembles, improvisational music, and beyond.

On April 13, 2022, Jing Xia unveiled her 8-track album, The Numinous Journey. For the first time, the zheng—a traditional Chinese instrument becomes a new voice of Newfoundland.

By telling her story of a diverse musical journey in the diaspora, Jing integrates a wide range of musical elements in this CD, including traditional, contemporary, experimental, popular, improvisational, and intercultural music. One can not only hear Chinese folk tunes but also modern fusion compositions. In a nutshell, The Numinous Journey caters to most things you want to hear from a zheng.

Listen to The Numinous Journey below, and stay up to date with Jing Xia via her socials.

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