Interview – Elina Filice

Elina Filice is back, after a busy 2021 which featured a well-received sophomore EP and over a million total Spotify streams. Now, she has unveiled her new single, “Don’t Let Me Fall”. The single was written and recorded by Elina in her home studio and co-produced by Viscose.

The dark lyrics lament the weight of loving someone who is in a depressive decline. The song examines the tandem downward spiral of tangled mental health and the terrifying pressure of someone begging you to save them.

Elina says,

“We’re all familiar with a relationship or friendship that gets to the point where someone is relying on you for their stability. It’s incredibly scary being stuck in a dark tango with someone who you care for but are unable to help. What they threaten to do if you leave them leads to a toxic and painful cycle.”

Check out “Don’t Let Me Fall” below, and find out more about Elina via her socials.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I’m Elina! I’m a singer-songwriter, storyteller, and entrepreneur. I have commitment issues when it comes to genre (just listen to my last two singles side by side and you’ll get what I mean). I’m nomadic by nature and I enjoy long walks on the beach, gay bars, trees, and all things creative.

You recently shared your new single, “Don’t Let Me Fall”, what can you tell us about the writing process behind the song?

Like most of my songs, the hook came into my head first, along with a dark, dancey beat. The rest was me in my home studio recording layer after layer of funky/ wailey guitar, as well as lyrics that reflect on the dangerous combo of mental health and relationships. The song is about someone begging you to save them and the tandem downward spiral that usually follows.

The single follows your previously released sophomore EP, Flight Risk, can we expect a new album or EP coming this year?

I don’t think so! “Flight Risk” feels like a cohesive project; the songs are unique enough but have a very common thread. For the next little while, I just wanna put out singles that don’t have to be cohesive, where I can just explore and push my boundaries and collaborate and get inspired.

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

Definitely my own experiences and those of others. Moving around a lot, you often find yourself on the outside. Though sometimes lonely- it’s a great vantage point. I see myself as an ‘observer’ on this planet, someone who gets to bear witness to stories and lives and happenings and unsung everythings.

What else can we expect from you in 2022?

Some more fun singles! And lots on the label side of things. I’ve just released Drop Rocket, a project management tool that helps independent artists release new music. I’ve been working with artists and labels on release strategies for the last few years, so I’m super excited to have this new tool out in the world! I really believe it can help artists everywhere execute great releases and grow their businesses.

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