Interview – Dave Filchak

Alberta-born, Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter, Dave Filchak has unveiled his new single, “You Are The One”, with an accompanying video.

“You Are the One” is a song, not just about commitment to a personal relationship, and it is surely that, but, as Filchak says

“in the broader sense, it is a song about our commitment to each other as a people, to love and support one another”.

On top of writing, producing, and mixing his own music, he also does this for other artists. Needless to say, Dave is a very busy artist.

Check out “You Are the One” below, and find out more about Dave via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure. My name is Dave Filchak and I am a singer/songwriter/producer/mixer. It’s a mouthful I know. I do all of these because I love the process of creating, refining, finishing, and presenting music. It is really something I have been doing all my life since my very early teens. I was a touring musician for many years, traveling back and forth across North America many, many times. I have been a studio/business owner, a college professor, and a builder. But, first and foremost….I am a songwriter.

You have recently unveiled your new single, “You Are The One”, what can you tell us about the writing process behind the song?

Well, it was recently my wife’s and my thirtieth anniversary. So, I wanted to write a song that re-pledged my commitment to her and my love and dedication. And, while that remained the primary focus or genesis of the song, I also realized that it also was a statement about the wider change in human behavior…. the lack of respect and love for one another as part of the human race that we are seeing more and more of. So, it is also a call to Pledge Love to each other once again. Don’t want to get too spiritual here as I am not a particularly religious person in the traditional sense, but love and respect for our fellow man is a basic tenet of a civilized society. And that is certainly eroding.

You also released a video for the single, what was the highlight of the video shoot?

Well, there really was no video shoot as it is a lyric video. I have been learning to edit videos as I find it fun and of course, useful for what I do. So really, it all comes down to finding images that help tell the story in the song and producing and designing it to match the mood of the track. It is tedious work but fun!

When you think back on musical influences through the years, who has been a constant influence in your life?

You know, that has been a tough question for me whenever someone asks me it. That and “who do you sound like”. I grew up listening to quite a mix of music as music styles were changing really fast when I was a kid. It went from Johnny Horton and Jimmie Rogers too, the Kingston Trio, and then you know, Paul Anka. Then the Beatles hit and my world turned over. Then Hendrix…. man, I could not get enough of it. But I was playing a lot of blues, blues rock, and out-and-out rock n’ roll, with a touch of country thrown in. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have been, and continue to be, influenced by them all. This is why I am a songwriter more than an artist I suppose … because I will write anything, not just one style. I like it all if it has a good melody.

What else can we expect from you in 2022?

Oh, I am going to continue writing and releasing singles for the rest of this year and, I have an album planned for 2023 sometime if all goes well. Looking to expand my team if possible. I also want to continue to do more mixing and producing for other artists (really enjoy that), and maybe even some collaborations. No rules really … just moving forward.

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